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Wednesday, 26 June 2019 16:43

FTC Announces Victories Against Robocalls

While the Federal Communications Committee (FCC), U.S. Senators, and telecommunications companies are making progress in the fight against robocalls, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced their own progress against illegal robocalls.

  1. They stopped the operator of a series of sham charities called "Veterans of America," an organization that falsely claimed it was a charity and that donations were tax deductible.
  2. Three individuals who were part of a scam that sent false robocalls to small business owners to get their money agreed to a ban in the case against Point Break Media.
  3. There was a double victory in the NetDotSolutions case: three defendants who provided autodialers to place illegal robocalls are now banned from supplying autodialers to telemarketers.
  4. Defendants in the Higher Goals Marketing case agreed to a telemarketing ban after operating a credit cared debt-relief scheme. Several of the defendants had previously worked another closed and similar operation, Life Management Services case.

Although the FTC is successfully stopping some illegal robocalls, it is clear that it's not enough. As in the case of Higher Goals Marketing, some of the people who worked there utilized their tactics again with Life Management Services, proving that new operations can be set up by those who worked at formerly banned companies.

The following chart from YouMail illustrates robocalls by category. Scam calls account for more than 43% of calls. Under future robocall laws, alerts and reminders may be considered acceptable when customers opt-in for call notifications.

Source: YouMail Robocall Chart

More needs to be done at the government level. Read our related post "Congress And Government Agencies Move Toward Stopping Illegal Robocalls."

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Source: FTC

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