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Massachusetts Personal Lines Testimonials

My name is Luciano Sandro Russo and I have several automobile & homeowner policies through Welsh and Parker. I have always received great customer service from our personal agent Sara Turano and I must tell you that her service to my family in the last few months has been nothing short of outstanding. For the past 6 months I have been trying to help a newly arrived immigrant family (the Romano’s) transfer from Maryland to Massachusetts and it has been an unbelievable struggle. One of the biggest hurdles for me was obtaining valid and affordable auto insurance for the Romano family. Firstly, Sara was able to help me get this family a very affordable policy and even helped me get the lowest rate possible by detailing the process on how to translate the foreign language driving record. I never would have found out how to do that! Sara’s magic did not stop there however. Once insured, we proceeded to try and register the vehicle at the Wilmington RMV (a place where incompetence is king). We were denied several times prior to this last visit when we were finally given plates. However, the RMV would not accept the Maryland Auto Dealer’s bill of sale as proof of Paid Sales Tax and made the Romano family pay FULL SALES TAX on their auto…… AGAIN. Upon learning of this, Sara suggested I file an tax abatement form and then proceeded to help us by coordinating with the Maryland Auto Dealer AND the Mass. Department of Revenue to perform the CORRECT sales tax calculation for the vehicle. The Romano’s are now scheduled to receive a full refund ($1000) which for a new immigrant family is a BIG DEAL!! This kind of initiative and competence is worth its weight in gold Mr. Joyce. I wish my employees had 1/1000th of Sara’s work ethic and desire to see things resolved without passing the buck. Once the Romano’s auto/home policy was purchased she had absolutely ZERO OBLIGATION to help me any further…and yet she did. Without Sara’s intervention this newly minted American family would have been forced to pack their bags by now and head back to their country of origin, never having had the chance to achieve the American dream. I could go on and on and on about Sara Turano and not get tired. I just wish our government was filled with people like Sara……imagine how efficient our country would be!!

If I had an employee like Sara, I would hold on to her for dear life because that kind of employee DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE……..ANYMORE!!!
- Sandro Russo


For years, I have relied on Steve Joyce Welsh & Parker’s insurance ‘know-how', competitive rates, and personal service. Whether it was helping me through my car accident or promptly setting up an insurance binder for my new home purchase—their service has never let me down. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my insurance needs!
- Don Voner



Rick McLaughlin

Hi Mike,
I am very pleased with Baldwin Insurance. I felt very welcomed with the savings of over 2000$ from my previous insurance company. The customer service at Baldwin Insurance is very prompt and professional. I look forward to continue being a very pleased customer with Baldwin Insurance in the future.

Thank you,
Rick McLaughlin
Owner Operator Rick's Automotive

Paul Flaherty

This is an absolute full service, bend over backwards company. I needed a new car and it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (so what just 4 days ago). I had signed with the dealer at about 2:30 and asked them to rush the info to Welsh Parker, which they said they would. I had thought they did, however I received a call from a rep at Welsh who was staying late (after the office had closed) waiting for the paperwork so I could pick the van up Saturday, 11/26. The dealership was slow and she was there till probably 4:30ish (2+ hours past closing). I am extremely thankful to her and want to convey that here. It was way beyond my expectations and her compensating for the dealer's short comings was truly above and beyond.


Always there to answer any questions Steph P. at Welsh and Parker's has been our wicked awesome agent for years. She is always there to help with questions and provides us with the best insurance known to man. She keeps us up to date with our options and provides solid, well-informed, highly professional, and timely guidance.


Responsive and Effective Hudson Insurance Agency For years, I have relied on Steve Joyce Welsh & Parker's insurance 'know-how', competitive rates, and personal service. Whether it was helping me through my car accident or promptly setting up an insurance binder for my new home purchase—their service has never let me down. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for my insurance needs!” - DV, Hudson Ma.

Baldwin Insurance 5 STARS Excellent Experience

In working with Mike Lombard from Baldwin Insurance, I was able to effectively improve my coverage and reduce my premiums on several different policies. I found the entire process to be refreshing and educational as I have never had an Insurance agent really educate me about my choices in coverage.

I have referred Mike out several times and everyone that I have referred out has been very pleased with their experience.
- Seth Cohen in Bellingham, MA

Friendly, Helpful

I have been a customer of Baldwin Insurance for 6 or 7 years and have found them to be friendly, helpful above and beyond what I would have expected, and professional. The people there have always known how to take care of my issues in a timely way and that leaves me feeling that all my insurance related needs are under control.

Personalized Service

I have had my insurance with Baldwin for over 20 years. They are very attentive and I’m extremely satisfied. Twenty years says it all!
- Claire Bennett


I appreciate Welsh & Parker for their thorough approach in finding the best quote for all my insurance needs. They are very quick to get back to me.”
- Nadia Bunn

There for Me

Having a broker on your side when you have a claim is a great asset. The Baldwin Insurance Agency has always been there for me in time of need.”
- Jack Martin

Competitive Rates

We were underinsured until W&P reviewed our account. We are now been properly insured, and money was saved too.”
- Timothy and Shauna Palange


I’ve been using Baldwin for years. They always are just so on the ball. They have the answer right there and they get back to you within minutes. They are like family, can’t do enough to help you, no job is too small or too big.”
- Myra Appleby


For years, I have relied on Steve Joyce Welsh & Parker’s insurance ‘know-how', competitive rates, and personal service. Whether it was helping me through my car accident or promptly setting up an insurance binder for my new home purchase—their service has never let me down. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my insurance needs!”
- Don Voner

Customer Service

I have never had better customer service.”
- Nancy Manuel


I’ve been particularly satisfied with Welsh & Parker and my agent who has always been very responsive. I would always recommend her to others for any of their insurance needs.”
- Barry Kallander

They Represent Me

I’ve done business with Baldwin since 1979 and referred many of my closest friends to them because they have been very good over the years. It is more than just sending me paper. It’s about being able to pick up the phone and ask for a fair and honest evaluation of my needs and the insurance options I have... be it my house, jet ski, particular coverage for my kids, or being there when there is an accident. Baldwin represents me as the consumer... that’s their value proposition because that’s very important.”
- Frederick Myers


We have been delighted with the service provided by Welsh & Parker. Attentive service, quick responses, and a real concern for what best suits our insurance needs.”
- Heather Gerki

Massachusetts Commercial Lines Testimonials


As someone who wears many hats within our organization my time is very valuable. It is vital that my vendors understand my operations and my requirements, as it relates to their particular business, so that my time investment is minimal. When it comes to providing insurance coverage and service, no one could fit this bill more effectively than Steve Joyce and Welsh & Parker Insurance Agency. Steve has insured our account for general liability, auto and workers compensation coverage since 1988. His knowledge of his industry and its products ensures that we are given the best possible options for coverage, year in and year out. That knowledge combined with fast and efficient service from everyone at Welsh & Parker is what not only keeps us coming back, but has made it easy to recommend my agent and his entire organization to other companies in our industry.”
- Cynthia Victor, Office Manager, Prattville Machine & Tool Co., Inc.

Personalized Service

As a developer, insurance is an item that needs the utmost attention, but is hard to focus on. Steve Joyce and the Welsh and Parker staff have found a way to concentrate on my insurance needs daily. They always know exactly what I need and seem to know my projects as well as I do. I would recommend the gang at Welsh and Parker to any builder or business owner with great confidence.”
- Richard Welch, Real Estate Developer

Quick Response and Excellent Support

Thank you so much for your quick response, as always. I hope you know how much we appreciate your truly excellent support. It is so helpful to have you review these requirements for us and help us with providing potential clients with accurate information.
- Cindy Cimo, Compass Consulting

First Class Service

As my personal and my business’ insurance agent, Welsh & Parker has been nothing less than a first class professional office to deal with. It is rare in any service vendor to consistently receive great customer service as I have for 12 years with Steve Joyce & the Welsh & Parker Insurance Agency. I recommend them in the highest possible way!”
- Ron Vancour, President and CEO, Accent Interior Landscaping, Inc.

Lowered Premiums

I first met Steve Joyce of Welsh & Parker Insurance on a job site in Beverly, Massachusetts back in 2002. He was there to quote coverage on a renovation project for the homeowner. We started to talk about the value of the home and replacement value. Like any good businessman, he asked me if I was satisfied with my insurance company. And of course I went on about how difficult and costly liability insurance and workers compensation were getting. My previous insurance company was working on my new policy for the coming year. I asked Steve to put together a quote for both of my policies. After several phone calls Steve told me he was able to get the proper coverage for our company and he was able to lower the premiums from what we were paying. My insurance agent that wrote our policies for 30 plus years was shocked that we made the decision to switch agents. I have been recommending Welsh & Parker ever since.”
- Charlie Silva, Silva Brothers Construction Inc.

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